Autumn Meeting of the Netherlands Society for Medical Mycology (NVMy


We will organize on Friday, November 17th 2023, the Autumn Meeting of the Netherlands Society for Medical Mycology (NVMy).
Participation of this meeting is free of charge for members, non-members can register for this afternoon symposium (EUR25 which includes the membership-fee 2023).

The NVMy Autumn Meeting will start at 12.30pm. Venue will be the Auditorium of the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Uppsalalaan 8, 3584CT, Utrecht.

Please register (until Monday, November 12th) by sending an e-mail to the NVMy treasurer (Ferry Hagen):

Program of the NVMy Autumn Meeting 2023

12.30-12.35h Welcome
12.35-13.00h Prof. dr. Wieland Meyer (WI-KNAW) Using SRA databases to trace the environmental nice of fungal pathogens
13.00-13.12h Shereen Omelfarouk (ErasmusMC) Essential oils as bioactive secondary metabolites against fungal and bacterial mycetoma
13.12-13.24h Xueke Niu (Radboudumc) A meta-analysis of evolutionary trends in antifungal resistance
13.24-13.36h Na Li (Radboudumc) Mucor germinans, a novel dimorphic Mucor species mimicking Paracoccidioides in a pulmonary sample
13.36-13.48h Ya Bin Zhou (WI-KNAW) A novel human pathogen: Aspergillus hubkae sp. nov.
13.48-14.00h Meizhu Wang (Radboudumc) A new family in black yeast and their characteristics
14.00-14.12h Ricardo Belmonte (Radboudumc) Comparative transcriptomics of Fonsecaea monophora in chromoblastomycosis from biopsies and culture
14.12-14.24h Xin Zhou (Radboudumc) Infection and allergy by the zoophilic dermatophyte Microsporum canis
14.25-15.00h Break
15.00-15.12h Chao Tang (Radboudumc) Metabolomic and transcriptomic analysis of Trichophyton mentagrophytes complex
15.12-15.24h Bruno Lustosa (Radboudumc) Functional genome annotation comparison of Chaetothyriales
15.24-15.36h Mickey Konings (ErasmusMC) Diorapthe: Molecular detection in the middle of nowhere?
15.36-15.48h Ervin Alcanzo (WI-KNAW) A novel multiplex pan-Aspergillus and Section Terrei qPCR-assay, targeting the mitochondrial genome
15.48-16.00h Emmanuel Siddig Francis (ErasmusMC) Developing and implementing molecular diagnostic tools for mycetoma in Sudan
16.00-16.12h Jianhua Zhang (RIVM) Public health associated fungal infection projects
16.12-16.24h Bo Briggeman (WUR) Schimmelradar – A Citizen Science project to detect azole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in the environment
16.25-16.50h Prof. dr. Michaela Lackner (MUI) One health approach for azole resistance
16.50-18.00h Drinks @ WI
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